IBoA will focus on building products and solutions across four core areas creating a market first cohesive ecosystem of lifestyle and financial services:

1. Social Networks: The Social network helps people and businesses connect to industry experts, community members and best in class service providers to help them achieve their aspirations for a better lifestyle in Australia.

2. eCommerce Marketplace: The eCommerce marketplace offers products and services from many different sellers on the one platform. These sellers will be onboarded to meet the needs of people and businesses engaging across borders.

3. Financial Services: Range of financial services that support the global mobility of capital, commerce, and people. These would include digital Visa debit card, digital remittance service, account aggregation (Open Banking), Personal Financial Management (PFM), Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), Insurance, asset management, currency trading, share trading (cross-border), commodity trading and Roboadvice.

4. Banking Services: Personalised banking products for consumer and businesses which directly respond to customer needs. These would include deposit accounts, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, business loans, and trade finance.

Our products and services will be delivered to customers via a digital device across mobile, tablet and PC platform platforms.

We have been developing and trailing a number of products to ensure they reflect different customers’ needs and deliver strong benefits including:


Value for money

Speed and efficiency

Reliability and consistency